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The podcast you've been

waiting for your whole life

Or, at least since podcasts were first invented. Pick up where the boys left off. You've gone far too many years without their guidance. Wait no more.

Baron & Rainer know there is a gaping hole in the information available to men trying to figure out the post-career chapters of their lives. We've come back to help them fill in the many holes over the years; the boys are back and here to help you fill as many holes as possible. 

About Us

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Your Hosts


Dave Baron

"Without a doubt the best podcast host in the United States,"


- Wall Street Journal


Rob Rainer

"Undeniably the second-best podcast host in the United States,"


- Rolling Stone Magazine

The question isn't what Baron has done; it's what hasn't he done. Over the past 40 years, he's traveled the globe countless times, got his MBA from NYU, and acupuncture license. The many career paths he's traveled, the people he has met, and the stories he has to share are boundless and his knowledge is unsurpassed,

Similarly, Rainer has tested almost every boundary in life and business and has the honors and scars to prove it. In 2015, he retired from a 30-year run as an attorney and entrepreneur, reaching dazzling highs and equally astonishing lows. Few people have been there and done that like he has.

Detailed Timeline

January 2024

Baron, 61, and Rainer, 61
can no longer ignore their fans calls for guidance.

2020 Rob Photo Globe 2_edited.png

February 1984 to January 2024

Not much going on for 40 years.






August 1980

Baron, 17, and Rainer, 17
Assigned as roommates at
Brandeis University



February 1984

Baron, 21, and Rainer, 21
reveal their heretofore unseen
 talent for brilliant insights in Ask Buzz & Dave, a newpaper column that develops an ardent worldwide audience.


Key dates in World History

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